In 2003, Southern Windsor County completed a process to develop a Strategic Economic Development Plan for the region. The Plan was an opportunity to conduct a critical assessment of economic development in our region. Most importantly, the plan serves as a long-term view designed to develop specific strategies with measurable outcomes to guide economic development activities in southern Windsor County for the next 20 years. The process was led by a Leadership Committee comprised of municipal, business, planning, education, and other interested parties throughout the region.

The process was supported by the Springfield Regional Development Corporation, Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce and Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission. The process was funded in part by a grant from the USDA Rural Development. The grant helped to fund professional assistance from Economic and Policy Resources, Inc. from Williston, Vermont to help develop data and conduct research critical to the planning process.

Download documents here:

Full Plan (PDF)
Executive Summary (PDF)
Appendicies (PDF)
Slide Show (PPT)