Actually, there’s a lot of activity on the site, but most of it is interior at the moment.

Sharp eyes may have noticed dumpsters in the parking lot next to the building. There’s been reclamation work in several of the older buildings as well as plain old cleaning up. Senator Patrick Leahy was in town this week and toured the site. I was delighted to see two of the larger spaces transformed since the last time I’d been in them a few weeks earlier. They’v been cleaned up, there’s a fresh coat of paint and the lights are on. It’s night and day and, in a small way, it was visible, demonstrable evidence that this is moving forward.

Work on redoing the roof will also be starting in the next few weeks as well as the installation of propane tanks and new piping for the heating of the facility.

After the asbestos remediation is completed, work can start in earnest on several parts of the site, including those that will be demolished.

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